Stoneware Quality Assurance Guarantee

Does my stoneware carry a warranty?

Thank you for choosing our line of stoneware products. Stoneware carries a Quality Assurance Guarantee. Products offering a Quality Assurance Guarantee are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt of the product.

Please note: Our stoneware products do not offer a replacement warranty after use of the product. Please contact us immediately at 1-800-888-3883 if you notice problems with your product upon receipt. Our hours are 7:30 am - 4:00 pm PST Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Stoneware is heavy dishware that is exceptionally sturdy, and it comes in many different patterns and styles. With proper care it can last a lifetime. Please read the use and care instructions included with your product before using.


Use and Care

  • When cleaning your stoneware, do not use oven cleaners, scouring pads or harsh abrasives.

  • This stoneware is dishwasher safe.

  • Nonstick sprays may be used, but may build up over time. Wash stoneware using a mixture of warm water and vinegar to restore the original surface.

  • Do not allow stoneware to soak in water for long periods of time.
  • Do not immerse stoneware in cold water while the dish is still hot. Allow the dish to cool to room temperature.



  • Do not place stoneware directly on cold counter top as it may cause stoneware to crack.  Place a cloth or trivet under the stoneware before placing on the counter or move to heat resistant surface like wooden cutting board.

  • Metal or sharp edged utensils can be used in this stoneware.  However, cutting with sharp knives may leave slight scratches in the interior surface.

  • To avoid scratches or chips in the stoneware, place paper towels between dishes when storing.  Stoneware is a ceramic product and will break if dropped on to hard surfaces.

  • This stoneware is not intended for commercial use or restaurant use.
  • Never try to repair chipped, cracked or scratched stoneware.



  • Do not use stoneware on your stovetop or cooktop. Do not drag over the surface of stovetop or glass top ranges, as scratches may result.  We are not responsible for for scratched stovetops.

  • This stoneware is microwave safe. Always use potholders when removing stoneware from the microwave.

  • Never place your stoneware under the broiler or any other direct 
    flame or heating element.

  • This stoneware is oven safe to 500°F. Quick changes in extreme temperature could cause thermal shock causing your stoneware to crack. If moving stoneware from refrigerator or freezer directly into a hot oven, the temperature should not be set higher than 250°F or the stoneware may crack.  Always make sure stoneware has warmed or cooled to room temperature before placing in the stove, freezer, refrigerator or under cold water in the sink.

  • The stoneware is safe for use in the refrigerator and freezer. To avoid thermal shock, do not take stoneware directly from cold freezer or refrigerator and place in hot oven beyond 250°F.


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