How To Sharpen All Knives

Why are my knives dull?

Daily use of your cutlery can dull the blades however, this is a normal occurrence. When blades are sharp, you use less pressure to cut. Keeping your blades sharp helps prevent injury and makes your task easier. It's also easier on your hands, wrist and arms. Sharp knives are a pleasure to work with. You'll love cooking, chopping and dicing again!

For home users, using a honing rod  once a week is fine. Again, once the honing rod becomes ineffective, you should use a whetstone to grind a new edge. If you're relatively careful with your knives, you should be able to use the rod for at least a year before needing a whetstone.

We recommend you also check with your local supermarket or local cutlery retailers for sharpening services.

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